Nicholas Altobelli

Web Developer

My past roles have forced me to embrace a little chaos, be comfortable when faced with the unfamiliar, and make sure the job at hand is properly done. As a web developer, I've taken that same mindset and applied it to the digital realm. Since signing up for Facebook in 2007, I've been fascinated with the scope technology has had on communication, personal relationships and personal identity. It is with this spirit of inquisitiveness and passion that I’ve spent the past 2 years learning web development and building web apps in order to explore and exploit these innovations. In my spare time, I enjoy learning about disruptive companies and the ways people integrate new technological advances into their lives.

Projects & Sketches

Need help or just want to talk tech?

I build websites and online applications. Have an idea? Need to get a presence on the web? Send me an email. I'm also up for coffee and to chat about tech, disruption, and emerging trends. Drop me a line.